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Griffin Labs delivers bespoke online products and services for established businesses, from conception to implementation.
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Griffin MAS is an exceptionally fast, secure, and cost-effective CDN designed and managed specifically for the needs of enterprise customers.


E-commerce. Mobile Apps. Custom web apps. Social Gaming. Ad Platforms. Hardware Development. Online Gambling.

You name it, we've done it. What are you looking for?

We bring exceptional creativity and diverse experience to all of our mobile-based products and services, whether iOS, Android, or both.


From concept to deployment, we plan and deliver solid, rapidly scalable web applications. We are problem solvers — no job too complex!


As security is of paramount importance, Griffin employs the most secure and up-to-date web technologies available, to safeguard business and personal data in every aspect of its projects.

Who we are

Griffin is a global, cross-cultural company of designers and engineers,
led by a seasoned management team.
Kevin Selig

A consultant and coach since 1992, Kevin leads Griffin's business development. Having lived and worked in 8 countries on 4 continents, he enjoys cultivating shared success and responsible, sustainable practices in diverse settings and industries, from IT to property development and hospitality.

Scott Lambert
Chief Product Officer

An early internet entrepreneur, since 1996 Scott has excelled at conceiving and executing creative software and hardware products and services. He delights in problem solving - the more complex the better. As an Australian living in Taiwan, he finds the combination of Asian and Western approaches to work and life more effective than either alone.

Nimrod Abing
Chief Technology Officer

Nimrod has over 12 years of hands-on experience building large scale web platforms for the mobile telecommunications, internet, and gaming industries. He specializes in internet software architectures, development, and project management and brings an exceptional level of attention to detail in all he does.

From conception to implementation.
griffin products

Content Delivery Built for the Enterprise Web.


The MAS network employs the power and flexibility of secure web application firewalls, in conjunction with filtering and scrubbing techniques at the DNS and caching levels, to ensure reliable and evolving DDoS mitigation and network security protections at layers 3, 4, and 7 of the OSI stack.


Cutting-edge caching technology and 22 POPs ensure rapid content delivery to your users, wherever they are in the world.


Our customers are continually amazed that Griffin MAS can meet, and often beat, the request and download speeds of many of the CDN industry's biggest names.


Geo-aware DNS routes your users to their nearest MAS node cluster, ensuring lower latency and speedy content delivery.


Increase your profit margins through reduced bandwidth and storage costs.


Each MAS node cluster is capable of handling 10,000s of requests per second.


Each MAS node cluster scales up independently, allowing for geo-targeted scaling in response MAS traffic origins.

Infrastructure you can trust

Softlayer's extensive experience providing stable and scalable web infrastructure for enterprise customers make them the perfect MAS infrastructure partner.

Simple cloud rendering and storage, built for motion designers.

Supercharged Rendering

While you're getting all fancy creative with your motion graphics, your project and its assets are being securely backed up to the Osube cloud.

Safe, secure storage

When you're ready, simply click the blue "Render" button. Grab yourself a cup of tea, or do some pushups. You won't need to wait long for your render to be completed.

Convenient Notifications

Within minutes, Osube will send you a notification on your desktop or mobile with a link to watch your rendered video.

Simple sharing

Download your rendered video, or simply share the link directly with your colleagues, clients, or preferred social network.

Lucky Lane Social Casino

HTML5 online casino software featuring multiplayer blackjack, baccarat, and slots, built atop Griffin's proprietary social networking platform.


Built using the latest web technologies for desktop and mobile devices.


Achievements, profiles, virtual badges, comments, and chat, all in a friendly social-focused user interface.


Play your favorite games with up to 4 other players!


Server-side technology has been built to follow the strictest standards as set by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, and iTechlabs Australia.

We bring a professional and creative approach to every project we accomplish.
griffin portfolio

Griffin’s diverse portfolio of work spans many aspects of the internet. A brief list of some of our projects:

in-taxi advertising platform

A bespoke, real-time, scalable advertising platform serving highly targeted content to passengers in taxis via 10-inch High-Definition tablets by Lenovo.


Combining geolocation and passenger data, the system delivers highly targeted advertising for passengers in taxis.


Griffin's proprietary web and server architecture delivers real-time content to passengers via DigitalOcean.


This system is designed to rapidly scale to impressions per day.

Hotel In-Room Entertainment Software

An engaging entertainment system designed for hotels which delivers movies, TV shows, games, weather, and information on local food and attractions, direct to guests in the comfort of their rooms.

Movies and TV Shows

The software is capable of streaming content from IPTV sources, or connecting to existing cable and satellite sources within the hotel room.


Free-to-play and real-money casino games provide an engaging and entertaining pass-time while in the hotel room, while creating new revenue streams for hotel proprieters.


Weather, news, and information on food and local attractions keep guests informed and better able to plan their stay.

Hotel In-room Entertainment Hardware

Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, Griffin offers a high quality Hotel Gaming & Entertainment Device for hotel guests to enjoy movies, games, anda apps in the comfort of their rooms.


MEG’s Hotel Gaming & Entertainment System can be customized to suit the aesthetic of any hotel. Customization includes the unit’s shape, color, material, screen size, user interface, speed, memory size, suite of games, and movie delivery capability.

Rich Content

Movies, TV shows, Casino games, apps for weather, alarm clock, and nearby restaurants and activities -- keep hotel guests engaged, entertained, and informed!

Superior Hardware

Griffin's designers and project managers work closely with its trusted network of hardware manufacturers and suppliers in Taiwan to build and deliver hardware of superior quality.


ZooBuh is email for kids and families! Griffin built a custom email server and mobile apps for iOS and Android.


With mail monitoring and activity logs, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing email at all times. Find out when and from where your child logs in and out of his or her email.


The Mail Queue®, places all incoming mail into a folder that is not visible to your child until you approve it. Preview email and delete or deny spam, inappropriate messages, or questionable attachments.


Keep approved email addresses from friends and family in the contact manager so they can be quickly retrieved. You can limit your child's email to only this customizable email list if you prefer.

Red Dragon Casino

An engaging suite of multiplayer casino games designed to be run in hotels, internet cafes, or via a web browser.


Built using the latest web technologies for desktop and mobile devices.


Achievements, profiles, virtual badges, comments, and chat, all in a friendly social-focused user interface.


Play your favorite games with up to 4 other players!


Server-side technology has been built to follow the strictest standards as set by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, and iTechlabs Australia.

Smart Home

An Intelligent Building System for Taiwan which enables managers of apartment buildings and tenants to stay connected through an easy-to-use web interface, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

iOS and Android

Tenants can communicate directly with the manager of the apartment building through mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Easy Communications

Messages, activity streams, voting polls, and more, ensure that all tenants stay connected with eachother, which creates a pleasant living environment for everyone.


Apartment managers are provided with a clean, user friendly interface for managing all communications with tenants.

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